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Optek CNC Video Coordinate Measuring Machine
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Optek CNC Video Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • By deploy a high precision CCD digital camera on Z axis, enlarge the size of measured parts, using advanced image treatment technology, programmable vision technology we can realize measuring of small or proteiform parts thus to take place overhead projector or microscope. It can be used in inspection of precision electronics, mold, PCB, hardware, watch, mobile phone ect.

  • CCD image analysis module is optional dedicated module of RationalDMIS. It is applied to figure analysis and determination and recombination measurement. It has functional characteristics as follows:

    Highly integrated level interface ,uses same interface with RationalDMIS or other modules, no need switch or open another software.
  • Support combined measuring, the axes of CCD and contact test data are unified.
  • Automatic focus, achieve many times automatic focus, convenient for measuring complicated workpieces . It supports trimming focus.

    Support automatic finding boundary. Assort with cross curve, convenient for collecting desired points.

    Fast self-learning image detection procedure, operational procedure can achieve automatic detection.

    Support proportion of CCD lens amending, overcome lens lead to unequal of length-width ratio caused self- structure.

    Support setting up collecting image delay time, eliminate part of repeatability error caused CMM orientation shake.

    Support intelligent identification the type of element: according to selected points, automatically identify the type of element.

    “Polygon Tool” can selectively avoid burr and concave point and convex point for pieces of big burr and notch.

    Achieve all kinds of form and position tolerance calculation and structure function.

    Output various kinds report forms, support the report forms of text, figure, form, size etc…