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Navigator Series CMM
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Navigator Series CMM
Navigator Series CMM- The High Veracity Solvent for Enormous Parts Inspection

  • Machine


    RENISHAW UCC Control System

    Calibration Ball with Support Base

    User and System Manuals

    Computer System

    Minimum configuration:core2 /4G RAM/500GB Hard Disk/ 1G Graphic Card /19Color LCD Monitor/ Window’s OS-Windows 7 system

    HP Color DeskJet Printer

    Software System

    America Rational DMIS software(for Windows 7)

    RENISHAW Probe System

    Renishaw tough-trigger probe or high precision scanning probe

    Renishaw Probe Styli Kit

    Structure Feature

    Navigator series gantry type CMM suit for accuracy inspection of enormous parts those like as automobile industry, aviation, vessels and big molds.

    Navigator series CMM has feature of high accuracy, high strength, high rigidity and good stability, it can be used in workshop.

    Navigator series CMM have many safety facilities, high safety in operating, it has optical temperature compensation system to do total volumetric error compensation, with double scale and driving system, it has good stability and performance by making use of simple mechanical structures.

    Navigator series CMM can deploy Renishaw’s all series trigger probe and contact scanning probe and LS series laser scanning probe, high accuracy laser point scanning probe to realize quickly scanning of complicated parts(Reverse Engineering).