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Metroking Series CMM
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Metroking Series CMM
Metroking Series CMM- Most Accuracy CMM Design Available

  • Machine


    RENISHAW UCC Control System

    Calibration Ball with Support Base

    User and System Manuals

    Computer System

    Minimum configuration:core2 /4G RAM/500GB Hard Disk/ 1G Graphic Card /19Color LCD Monitor/ Window’s OS-Windows 7 system

    HP Color DeskJet Printer

    Software System

    America Rational DMIS software(for Windows 7)

    RENISHAW Probe System

    Renishaw tough-trigger probe or high precision scanning probe

    Renishaw Probe Styli Kit

    Metroking series CMM which adopt many years experience of design and manufacturing high accuracy CMM is representative of high accuracy CMM verified by different industries, with unequaled stability of high accuracy.

    By using full granite structure, finite element analysis, fixed planer type designing n Metroking series CMM, it has high stability and reliability

  • Beam, substrate, upright post , worktable are all made from granite and Z axis has totally enclosed structure, this give CMM feature of good stability, good thermal stability.

    All Metroking series CMM adopt advanced synchronous belt drive system with non-slip and high stiffness ensures CMM high stability, no noise, long life.