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Cruiser series CMM
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Cruiser series CMM
Cruiser Series CMM-The High Accuracy Solution for Big Workpiece Inspection

  • Machine


  • RENISHAW UCC Control System

  • Calibration Ball with Support Base

  • User and System Manuals

    Computer System

    Minimum configuration:core2 /4G RAM/500GB Hard Disk/ 1G Graphic Card /19Color LCD Monitor/ Window’s OS-Windows 7 system

    HP Color DeskJet Printer

    Software System

    America Rational DMIS software(for Windows 7)

    RENISHAW Probe System

    Renishaw tough-trigger probe or high precision scanning probe

    Renishaw Probe Styli Kit

    Structure Feature

    Cruiser series CMM is a big CNC CMM with high performance. by computer aided design, and by using finite element analysis, dynamic property analysis, full volumetric error compensation etc methods, we make newest generation CMM with good rigidity and stability.

    Cruiser series CMM suit for accurate measuring in production field of big parts or metrology center; it can do parts measuring, shape measuring, reverse engineering, quality control etc tasks.

    Cruiser series CMM use high trestle L shape structure, can both assure the stability, good drives and big measuring room. It has rapid measuring speed, little pitch and yaw to assure the high accuracy of CMM.

    Cruise series CMM’s guide way use flute profile section design, fixing air bearing according to close type static press guide way design, enlarging rigidity of gas envelope, improving the accuracy of Y axis guide way.

    Cruise series CMM’s worktable, 3 axis guide way and upright post are all granite, having good thermal stability, high rigidity, good staying quality, whole machine having good stability.

    Cruiser series CMM can deploy Renishaw’s all series trigger probe and contact scanning probe and LS series laser scanning probe, high accuracy laser point scanning probe to realize quickly scanning of complicated parts(Reverse Engineering)