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Excellent Series CMM
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Excellent Series CMM
Excellent Series NCE CMM- Representative of full automatic CMM
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    RENISHAW UCC Control System

    Calibration Ball with Support Base

    User and System Manuals

    Computer System

    Minimum configuration:core2 /4G RAM/500GB Hard Disk/ 1G Graphic Card /19Color LCD Monitor/ Window’s OS-Windows 7 system

    Software System

    America Rational DMIS software(for Windows 7)

    RENISHAW Probe System

    Renishaw high precision scanning probe with scanning and touch-trigger modules

    Renishaw Probe Styli Kit

    Structure Feature

    All three axes are made of high performance granite, the 3 axes have same characteristic in temperature and rigidity.

    dvanced synchronous belt drive system with non-slip and high stiffness, ensures high stability, no noise. Transmission system uses high-power DC servo motor and new double level tape reducer to ensure rapid and accurate axes movement.

    Granite worktable with integral “dovetail” guide in Y axis, eliminate the pitch and yaw, also provides superior motion stability

    High precise, high rigidity air bearings on all axes, can assure the guidance never be damped

    Good anti-aging out shape ability to assure the stability of accuracy

    Roomy worktable, convenient to fix and measuring parts
  • Pneumatic system, Driver system, Control system are all world famous brand product.